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Mercy Church Shows True Love and Mercy of God

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The Mercy Church San Luis Obispo is one of the most respected places of worship in California. This church is recognized as the place of worship by hundreds of members and it is also considered the new home of people who were previously lost and blinded by the mercy and love of God. The Mercy Church SLO congregation is headed by none other than Pastor Terry Page. Mr. Page is considered as the leader or the head speaker and lecturer of the church. He is the one who spreads and dissects the Word of God in order for its members to easily understand and analyze the Lord’s intentions. With the spiritual expertise of Mr. Terry Page, he is able to share the good news to other people especially those who are strayed away from the light of God.

Nowadays, there are already numerous members of the Mercy Church who are very devoted in spreading the works and love of God to other people. In fact, most of the members of this church came from other religious backgrounds or are even previously non-believers of God and Christ. Nevertheless, with the intervention of the Holy Spirit through the works and activities of the Mercy Church, these people were able to accept Christ as their savior. A member of this congregation even mentioned that his entrance to Mercy Church San Luis Obispo has made him a true believer of God. He was invited years ago by another member and up to now, he is still religiously attending the sessions, programs, and missionary works of the church. In addition to this, the member also stated that the church has played a huge role in strengthening his relationship with God. Before, he quickly loses his faith and easily gives up from the trails and hardships life has given him. Nonetheless, with the help and support provided to him by the church and its living members, he was able to rediscover the unconditional love of God and His promise of an eternal life and happiness.

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Smart Parenting Tips

Posted by Admin On October - 1 - 2011Parenting Tips

Parenting tips can be found everywhere. You can read them in parenting books and also on the Internet. There are many websites in which the main content is about parenting and other relevant things about it. But always remember, not all the tips given are effective. Only a few of them are effective. Let me give you some of the effective parenting tips that really work.

Instill good behavior through positive reinforcement, not through punishment or bribery. Be your child’s greatest encourager Always encourage them to do better. Don’t intimidate them. That will not do any good for your child. So as much as possible, encourage your child for their efforts. Praising and encouragement are two different things. Praising would be a gift or reward you can give to them for a job well done. Encouragement is given for their effort. Encouragement will always give them the spirit to strive for the best. Always encourage them to do good things. If your child is doing something you don’t like, talk to them, without screaming at them. Screaming and shouting should be eliminated. Remember that a level head will always prevail, screaming will only elevate the situation.

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Three Easy Positive Parenting Tips

Posted by Admin On October - 1 - 2011Parenting Tips

Parents are usually far more effective in raising healthy, well-behaved, and well-adjusted children when they adopt a positive parenting style. Such parenting is not really all that difficult as long as three basic positive parenting tips are kept in mind.

First, parents should make sure that they give their children appropriate freedoms and set proper limits for their sons and daughters according to their ages. A sixteen year old, for example, should be allowed to have a greater say in the television programs they can watch than a three year old. Some parents are tempted to act like prison wardens throughout their child’s life, but a failure to follow positive parenting tips like this one related to freedom and limits will only produce more rebellious children.

Second, parents must take care both of a child’s body and soul. This should seem intuitive, but it is all too easy for some parents to believe they have fulfilled their parenting task if all they do is provide food, shelter, clothing, and education. A child’s soul, however, must also be cared for, and that means spending quality time with each child, getting to know his or her likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, and other such things. All experts on positive parenting tips agree on the fundamental importance of this second rule of thumb.

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5 Parenting Tips For Young Kids in Trouble

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Is your sweet child getting in trouble? Do you worry about the kids he plays with? Inside you’ll find 5 parenting tips for helping kids stay out of trouble.

Childhood Wisdom and Big Trouble:

A 10-year-old boy named Joe and his 8-year-old brother, Danny, fought like cats and dogs. The older boy used his muscles. The younger boy used words. Just as Joe raised his fist, Danny noticed Joe’s armband with the letters WWJD. He pointed to it and yelled “What would Jesus do?” Joe slipped off the armband and prepared for battle.

My Newsletter Subscriber’s Son Gets into Trouble:

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